On Your Own


What To Expect

Your IKO Instructor will teach you how to ride upwind, toe-side, control speed by edging the board, change direction without stopping, and self-launch and self-land the kite safely. Certified as an independent rider, you will ride with confidence on your own and be able to rent equipment at all the IKO centers around the world.
The more you learn the better you get and the better you get the more you want to keep on kiteboarding.
At this point in your progression we will only have difficulty getting you to stop kiting and come in off the water!

Skills & Certification

  • Controlled Stop
  • Control of Riding Speed by Edging
  • Riding Upwind
  • Sliding Transitions
  • Toe-Side Riding
  • Toe-Side Turn
  • Self-Launching
  • Self-Rescue and Pack Down in Deep Water


IKO Level 3

Time Required

10+ hours (approx)


IKO Level 2 – Intermediate

Minimum 12 years of age

Swimming in deep water

Wetsuit and booties

Choose a channel, let's chat, let's go!
We are now offering wakesurfing, wakefoiling and wingfoiling too!

Keiron, Charlotte, Julian at Kite Club, Cabarete