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OLIPHANT has a special place in the hearts of the Toronto and wider Ontario kiteboarding community.  Located a little North of Sauble Beach on Lake Huron, this “Caribbean-esque” water at North Oliphant is soft and sandy, and very shallow for a considerable distance out .  You’ll be amazed at how far out into the lake you can still stand up in waist high water!  And because three large islands in the distance break the incoming waves the water is also very flat.



Shallow Water

Nearby Parking

No Amenities

Kiteboarding in Oliphant Ontario

The shallow water warms quickly during the summer season, and as a result wearing just a t-shirt and shorts often feels like all you need for a few hours of kiting in the Sun (but, always bring your wetsuit and extra layers just in case).  There is tons of space for everyone to zone out, find flow, and focus on their own kite progression for that day.

Being warm, shallow, flat and generously spacious North Oliphant is one of the very best spot to learn how to kite in Ontario – where two full days of instruction is probably sufficient to get any student up and riding on the kite and board.  For this reason, North Oliphant is a preferred location for your IKO level 1 and IKO level 2 insutruction when taking lessons with We Love Kiteboarding.

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South Oliphant also offers an excellent kite spot.  The water is still shallow, flat and warm.  There is more parking.  And, importantly, a nice big public bathroom!

Aside from the perfect kite conditions Oliphant is an incredibly beautiful landscape, far removed from any town or city.  The sunsets are breathtaking.  And the night sky is a deep rich darkness that allows for amazing stargazing.  For all these reasons, the kite community often camps nearby, pitching tents and sleeping in cars, bringing everyone together at night around a fire pit, cooking food, drinking beers, sharing stories and stoke.

The drive from Toronto to Oliphant takes approximately 3 hours.

Ideal wind directions: N, NW, W, SW, S

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