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There are a number kite spots in and around downtown Toronto, Ontario.  However, all the locations are very challenging and require an advanced level of rider experience.

Being 5 minutes from downtown Toronto, Cherry Beach is a big favourite with the Toronto kiteboarding community – offering spacious flat water and free beachside parking.  Challenges include a very short, narrow and rocky beach, which can be difficult to launch and land on.

For more info, directions and wind forecasts please see the post IKO kiteboarding lessons at Cherry Beach, in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

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Kiteboarding Cherry Beach, Toronto, Ontario

Woodbine Beach / Ashbridges Bay is also just 10 minutes away from downtown Toronto, and offers a massive beach for launching and landing.  However, the waves can come crashing big and hard.  And, there is a bouldered isle at the most westerly end of the beach which will pose a hazard for riders who fail to get out past the big waves and stay upwind on the preferred East wind at this spot.  Ashbridges Bay is also very popular with beach bums, and as a result, special attention must be paid to everyone playing in the water or on the beach, near the kites.

For more info, directions and wind forecasts please see the post IKO kiteboarding lessons at Woodbine Beach/Ashbridges Bay, in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Kiteboarding Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, Ontario

Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Island, is an amazing kite spot just a 15 minutes ferry or water taxi ride from downtown Toronto.  The beach is long and spacious (if not flooded in the early spring), and there are not many beach bums to be concerned about.  Kiteboarders frequenting Hanlan’s Point optimize their trip by travelling via bicycle, pulling an additional cart with equipment, or carrying kite and board on their back.  Of all kite spots around downtown Toronto Hanlan’s Point is the  best choice for novice riders, though supervision is recommended as the spot still does present a number of challenges.

For more info, directions and wind forecasts please see the post IKO kiteboarding lessons at Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Islands.

Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Islands, Toronto, Ontario

Located at the foot of Kipling Street, Marie Curtis Park is the preferred spot for kiters living in the Toronto’s West end.  This spot requires advanced skills due to nearby rocks and the commonly required, due to limited space, hot launching.

More Toronto kiteboarding spot info coming!

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