Safety First Best Practice & Finding Flow

About me, your learning journey, and the importance of IKO.

As a child I found FLOW, and have been chasing it ever since.

You probably know what FLOW is already – that feeling you get when your thoughts, actions and intentions, all become unified. There are many paths to FLOW and kiteboarding is one of them!

In my own words, FLOW is an emergent property of an active meditation, a deeper experience of your mind-body connection, a feeling that manifests when the mind is absolutely focused in the present moment task, with no thoughts of past or future. In FLOW, negative energies are released and the mind-body connection is super-recharged.

To be honest, FLOW doesn’t emerge in your kiteboarding experience in the very beginning. FLOW comes later, when you have developed a little kite proficiency.  And this delaying of FLOW is also what makes the kite experience so special.  In the beginning learning to kiteboard can be challenging. But, I like to say that the reward here is commensurate with the challenge. In other words, the harder it is to learn to kite the greater the feeling of FLOW when you arrive at proficiency.

Not everyone learns at the same pace. Some faster than others. But, most importantly, there is nothing about kiteboarding that makes this sport too difficult for you.

Together, we will succeed with your instruction.

You will become proficient.

An essential aspect of kiteboarding is safety and best practice. Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and even the most experienced kiters can end up injured. So, it is of paramount importance during your lessons that we draw upon the very best wisdom that has been collected over the past twenty-years. Kite safety has improved significantly, and along with that so have the best teaching practices as standardized under the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) – the world’s leading authority on kiteboarding instruction.

When I wanted to learn I specifically chose an IKO instructor because I wanted to learn from an expert that always put my safety first. For this reason, as a kiteboarding instructor, it was essential for me to get certified by the IKO. The IKO instructor course I enrolled in was two weeks long, including a weekend for CPR (95 hours total), and was led by Jonathan Dodds, a masterful IKO Examiner (teacher of teachers), at Kite Club Cabarete. I am proud to have graduated through Jon Dodds’ IKO instructor course.

I started to teach kiteboarding almost as soon as I developed my own level of proficiency because I really do love to share my experience and help others to achieve their goals. I have been teaching all my life. I have twenty-five years of experience teaching martial arts and other disciplines and have also mentored a number of youth. All this experience is relevant because being an expert in anything does not necessarily make you a good teacher as well. Teaching is, in itself, a skill that needs to be learned and mastered with time. I am confident to say that I am excellent at instructing too.

Finally, while you may think you are going to learn how to kiteboard you are actually about to do so much more. Kiteboarding is as much a lifestyle as it is an activity. You will make many new best friends, regularly visit the most beautiful beaches in Ontario, and find yourself invited on many kite trips around the world. Everyone shares a massive passion for the kite life so the chemistry is something special to experience indeed.

Kiteboarding will change your life for the better, and forever. This will be a point of demarcation.  There is your life before kiteboarding. And then nothing but kites, kites, kites, from here on up and onwards.

* On July 1st, 2021, We Love Kiteboarding became Ontario’s first IKO Affiliated Center!

** On October 5th, 2022, Keiron Smith was certified IKO Instructor Level 2 with more than 350 teaching hours to date!

~ Keiron Smith

2nd from the left in the IKO instructor class graduation photo!

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Keiron, Charlotte, Julian at Kite Club, Cabarete