Prone Foiling Surf Foiling in Toronto

Prone Foil & Surf Foil in Toronto, Ontario

Are you interested in prone foiling & surf foiling, in Toronto, Ontario?

For the 2023 season we will be offering a space-limited 5-week prone foiling & surf foiling program in Toronto, around the Toronto Islands.

Learn to WakeFoil behind our HeyDay WT-2.  Practice balancing on a beginner-friendly foil board.

Learn to WakeFoil Rope-less behind our HeyDay WT-2.  Practice balancing and pumping on a foilboard customized for riding rope-less (hands-free) on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd small, rolling, wakes behind our HeyDay WT-2.

Learn to Transition Between Wakes behind our HeyDay WT-2.  Glide away from one wake, pumping over to the wake on the other side of the boat.  And, transfers from the 2nd wake to the 3rd wake and back again.

Learn to Prone Foil & Surf Foil.  Starting behind our HeyDay WT-2, glide away from the wake, and pump over to a real lake wave/swell – now you’re on your own, really prone foiling – see how many lake waves & swells you can chain together!  Don’t worry, when you fall we will get you started again behind the boat.

Prone Foiling & Surf Foiling Downwinders.  Get started behind our boat and ride downwind as far, and for as long, as you can go.

Our HeyDay WT-2 is a PURE wake-making machine – perfect for learning to wakeboard, wakesurf, wakefoil, pronefoil, surf-foil & wingfoil!

$250/hr + HST, 2 hours minimum.  Buy a 10-hour package for $2000 + HST.

Contact Us and be first to sign up for the Toronto’s first Prone Foiling & Surf Foiling Program!

Learn more about our Wake-foiling and Wing-foiling program here.

Wakefoiling around the Toronto Islands

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We are now offering wakesurfing, wakefoiling and wingfoiling too!

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