Advanced Foiling Program

Prone Foil & Surf Foil in Toronto, Ontario


Lessons include use of specialized advanced F-One foils and boards.

WakeFoil behind our HeyDay WT-2.

    • Practice balancing on a beginner-friendly foil board.

WakeFoil Rope-less behind our HeyDay WT-2.

    • Practice balancing and pumping on a foilboard customized for riding rope-less (hands-free) on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd small, rolling, wake behind our HeyDay WT-2.

Transition Between Wakes behind our HeyDay WT-2.

    • Glide away from one wake, pumping over to the wake on the other side of the boat.
    • Transfers from the 2nd wake to the 3rd wake and back again.

Tow-in Prone & Surf Foiling.

    • Get a tow-in from our HeyDay WT-2 and then pump-foil over to a real Great Lakes wave or swell.
    • Now you’re on your own, prone foiling & surf foiling.
    • See how much Great Lake wave or swell you can connect together.
    • When you fall we will get you started again.


    • Get started behind our boat and ride downwind as far, and for as long, as you can go.

For 2024, we are organizing downwinders for advanced riders on The Great Lakes, Lake Simcoe and Georgina Bay.

Our HeyDay WT-2 is a PURE wake-making machine.  We can customize the wake for all levels, from a small rolling swell to shoulder-high breaking wave!

$250/hr + HST, 2 hours minimum.  Buy a 10-hour package for $2000 + HST.

Contact Us to join Toronto’s Advanced Foiling Program!

Learn more about our Wake-foiling and Wing-foiling beginner program here.

Vladyslav Bielov
Vladyslav Bielov
It was a perfect time with my friends and Keiron, who is the stunning coach. He was patient and taught me to master the board. Breathtaking experience!
Jeff Zhang
Jeff Zhang
Keiron is a good instructor. Experienced and patient. It was fun learning wakesurfing with him.
Sylvia S
Sylvia S
We had a wonderful time wakesurfing. Keiron is an awesome and patient instructor. He made sure everyone succeeded while enjoying the experience. Will definitely do it again!
Great experience! Keiron was a great instructor. Everything was well organized and taken care of. Will definitely do again next summer!
Elijah Simonoff
Elijah Simonoff
My initial attempts at catching a wave here in Toronto's We Love Kiteboarding were a bit rocky, but the team's patience (Hi Keiron) and encouragement kept me going. After a few tries, I finally conquered the waves, and the exhilaration was unmatched! The equipment and location were top-notch, and I'm eager to return for more thrilling experiences on the water. 🌊🏄‍♂️
Andy Marchant
Andy Marchant
Everything about our ride was fabulous, the patience, the welcome, the boat, the instruction. Thanks Keiron, we'll be back 🙂
Eugenia Horne
Eugenia Horne
Keiron is a very supportive surfing coach! You will love the experience!
Mickie Yen
Mickie Yen
Very good instructor! Picked up the skills right away!

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