IKO Kiteboarding Lessons Wasaga Beach Area 6

WASAGA BEACH, Georgian Bay, offers two official “KITEBOARDING ZONES!”  One is on the West side at Wasaga Beach Area 6 and the other on the East side at Allenwood Beach.

At Beach 6, in the water, the kiteboarding zone is demarcated by a couple of buoys.  East of the buoys is the SWIMMING ZONE.  Kiters must launch and ride UPwind through the buoys BEFORE heading out into the lake.  So, if you are a beginner, and have difficulty riding UPwind, then you must enter/exit the water MUCH further North along the beach.  Only advanced kiters should be launching and landing next to the swimmer zone (see map).



Gnarly Waves

Nearby Parking

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IKO Kiteboarding Lessons Wasaga Beach 6

If your kite comes down around the swimmers be kind, and apologetic, execute your self-rescue right away, get your lines wrapped and your kite out of the water, back up to the kiteboarders area as quickly as possible.

Waves can make water-starts challenging, and the stronger the wind, the bigger the waves.  But, if you want to become a proficient kiteboarder sooner or later you’re going to have to enter, water-start and ride in waves.

However, the shore waves at Wasaga Beach 6 are very big and will hit you hard and fast.  You must launch, get up on the board and go quickly!


Deeper into the lake, the rolling waves are massive.  If you get separated from your board, it is easy to get swept away by the rollers before you can body-drag back to your board.

Downwind from the kite zone the beach gets very tight, lined with shoreside properties, trees, fences.

So, you must be proficient at self-rescue if you want to kite here!  Wasaga Beach 6 requires an advanced level to ride.

Because of the advanced level required here. Wasaga Beach 6 is a preferred location for your IKO level 3 Instruction when taking lessons with We Love Kiteboarding.

Challenges aside, Wasaga Beach 6 is an incredible!  For waveriders, this may be the best spot near Toronto.  And the sunsets are epic.

Paid parking is $15 for the day.

The drive from Toronto to Wasaga Beach Area 6 takes about 2 hours.

Ideal wind directions: NW, N, NE

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