Wingfoiling Wingsurfing in Toronto

Wingfoil & Wingsurf in Toronto, Ontario

Welcome to the incredible world of WINGFOILING & WINGSURFING!

Wingfoiling and Wingsurfing are synonymous; i.e. one and the same.

See the video above, our students RIDE!

Also, get wingfoiling lessons with us in Cabarete from January to April!

LESSONS (Toronto Program)

  1. F-One equipment review – what sizes to buy and why.  Test everything first!
  2. Wing handling on the beach – includes wind theory, using apps, risks and safety.
  3. Wing handling on a big stand-up paddle board (SUP) with boat support.
  4. Wake-foiling* with the rope behind our boat.
    • Balance properly.
    • Control and activate the foil.
    • Control mast height.
    • Optimize gusts (simulated).
    • Pump properly.
    • Edge properly.
    • Jibe properly.
    • Foot switch properly.
    • Try and compare beginner F-One boards and foils.
  5. Wake-foiling* without the rope behind our boat.
    • Ride with real wave power (safe 2nd wake).
    • Find and stay in the wave pocket.
    • Control your foil speed.
    • Advanced carving.
    • Advanced pumping.
    • Try and compare advanced F-One boards and foils.
  6. Wing-foiling on your own* but with boat support (read more and see video below).
    1. Body positioning.
    2. Wing handling.
    3. Power and depower.
    4. Start, taxi, pump and glide.
    5. Control speed, stop.
    6. Ride upwind, downwind.
    7. Jibe
    8. Try and compare F-One wings, boards and foils.
  7. Wing-foiling downwinders* once you have experience.

*  Video feedback and analysis also included!


Pay as you go wing foiling lessons are $250/hr + hst, 2 hours minimum.

Get a 10-hour beginner’s program for $2000 + hst.

Purchase our 2024 F-One wing-foiling package (wing, board, foil), and get more lessons for free!

All lessons take place at the Outer Harbour, Toronto, ON.

And we are open and teaching starting in April!

Vladyslav Bielov
Vladyslav Bielov
It was a perfect time with my friends and Keiron, who is the stunning coach. He was patient and taught me to master the board. Breathtaking experience!
Jeff Zhang
Jeff Zhang
Keiron is a good instructor. Experienced and patient. It was fun learning wakesurfing with him.
Sylvia S
Sylvia S
We had a wonderful time wakesurfing. Keiron is an awesome and patient instructor. He made sure everyone succeeded while enjoying the experience. Will definitely do it again!
Great experience! Keiron was a great instructor. Everything was well organized and taken care of. Will definitely do again next summer!
Elijah Simonoff
Elijah Simonoff
My initial attempts at catching a wave here in Toronto's We Love Kiteboarding were a bit rocky, but the team's patience (Hi Keiron) and encouragement kept me going. After a few tries, I finally conquered the waves, and the exhilaration was unmatched! The equipment and location were top-notch, and I'm eager to return for more thrilling experiences on the water. 🌊🏄‍♂️
Andy Marchant
Andy Marchant
Everything about our ride was fabulous, the patience, the welcome, the boat, the instruction. Thanks Keiron, we'll be back 🙂
Eugenia Horne
Eugenia Horne
Keiron is a very supportive surfing coach! You will love the experience!
Mickie Yen
Mickie Yen
Very good instructor! Picked up the skills right away!

The Best Location for Lessons!

The Outer Harbour is a very protected inlet, super flat, no waves – making our location PERFECT for wing-foiling and wake-foiling lessons!


Flat Water

Boat Support

Down Town

Local Amenities

Other locations around the Great Lakes, Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe do not offer the same kind of protection at all.  Other spots will be deep, with big waves – and no boat support.

For this reason, all wing-foiling lessons are offered at the Outer Harbour with boat support (read more below).

The Importance of Wakefoiling!

Whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned kiteboarder, snowboarder or wakesurfer, learning to foil is challenging.

And, learning to foil while holding a wing is definitely more challenging than learning to foil getting towed by a boat.

When using a wing we must generate power by moving the wing to and fro, up and down.  This creates different degrees of lift coming from different directions, sometimes straight ahead, sometimes straight above.  A wing-foiler must always, therefore, keep one part of their mind focused on where the wing is; i.e, where the power is coming from.  As a result, less focus can be committed to balancing on the foil.

When wake-foiling behind a boat, we get towed at a constant rate of speed, and the power generated from the pull always comes from the same direction.  The power will stay the same.  The direction will stay the same.  As a result, a wake-foiler doesn’t need to pay as much attention to where the power is coming from and can focus mostly, instead, on balancing on the foil.

The Importance of Boat Support!

Any wind, anywhere.

With boat support it does not matter from what direction the wind blows.  We can always find a nice flat water spot around the Inner and Outer Harbours, to optimize your wing-foiling practice.

Close coaching.

With boat support we can follow you everywhere and coach from a close distance.

Optimizing the learning curve.

When first learning, every beginner wishes they could just get into a groove and go ride, ride, ride, without concern for where they end up.  With boat support, you can do that.

If you can just ride forever then you can focus more on finding your flow – tuning into what it feels like to generate wing power while balancing, carving back and forth on the foil.

Without boat support, beginners often stress about staying UPWIND, i.e. staying in the area where they started – otherwise there is, sometimes, a long walk back.

Repeatedly carrying the board, foil, and wing, back up the beach can accelerate fatigue and consume your time – time better spent learning to wing-foil!  With boat support, you can skip the walk.

Peace of mind

For many, at the very beginning of their wing-foiling journey, dedicated boat support brings a priceless peace of mind.

When you get lessons with us, we use a massive wake-surfing boat, big enough to carry lots of equipment, very comfortable with hot-tub style seats, and tunes too.

Yes you can – and will – succeed at wing-foiling!

With lessons, and practice, we all eventually learn to stay upwind, no problem.

It will be the first major milestone in your personal progression!

But, first you must say YES to your Wing Life!

Wing foiling is a relatively new and exciting water sport that combines elements of windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and paddle-boarding.

It involves riding a board, similar to a paddle-board, while holding onto a handheld wing-shaped sail.

The wing is used to catch the wind and propel the rider across the water, similar to how a kite is used in kitesurfing.

With enough speed the rider is elevated up onto the foil that is attached underneath of the board.  Welcome to the “magic carpet ride”!

However, unlike kitesurfing, wing foiling does not require the rider to be attached to the wing with a harness, allowing for greater freedom of movement and saftey.

The sport is eco-friendly, relying only on the wind for propulsion and offers a unique perspective on the water and environment.

To get started with wing foiling, you will need the following equipment:

  1. Wing – the best size for you depends on your weight and the power of the wind.
  2. Board – the best size for you depends on your weight and level of experience.
  3. Foil – the best size for you depends on your weight and level of experience.

For help selecting the right equipment for your wing-foiling journey please contact us.

We sell all the latest 2023 F-One wing-foiling equipment.

Other important items include a wetsuit or drysuit (depending on the water temperature), a personal flotation device, and a helmet.

Learning to wing foil can be a bit of a challenge, as it requires a combination of balance, coordination, and timing.

Once you have the basics down, there are a variety of tricks and techniques you can learn to improve your wing foiling skills. These include turns, jumps, and wave riding, all of which require a combination of balance, strength, and coordination.

Wing foiling is a fun and exciting sport that offers a unique combination of freedom, exhilaration, and physical challenge. Whether you are a seasoned water sports enthusiast or a complete beginner, there is something for everyone in the world of wing foiling.

It has a low barrier to entry compared to other water sports, as it does not require much setup time or a large investment in equipment and can be enjoyed in a variety of conditions, from flat water to choppy waves.

Please note – being able to swim is a mandatory prerequisite and open alcohol is not permitted in the boat.

If, on the day you have booked, the weather is not accommodating (i.e, too rainy, etc) then we will reschedule your booking for another day, free of charge.  If your booking has to be cancelled due to bad weather you can also request a full refund, no problem.

Please contact us if you want more info or just BOOK IT below!

Once you have completed your booking we can discuss your preferred pickup location.  Please also ask everyone in your group to sign the digital waiver.

Say Yes To Your Wing Life

Get Flow, and Let's Go!

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We are now offering wakesurfing, wakefoiling and wingfoiling too!

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