Cabarete Wingfoiling & Wingsurfing Lessons

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Kite Beach Cabarete on the North shore of the Dominican Republic is a wingfoiling & wingsurfing paradise!

The opportunities for progression are endless.  Get out on the light wind days and learn to ride smaller rolling bumps.  When the stronger winds come you can be ready to ride on the bigger breaking waves!

There are many ocean areas around Kite Beach, Cabarete, that offer different degrees of challenge for wingfoilers and wingsurfers of all levels.  Find flatter water closer to Kite Beach, in front of the reef.  Head down to the bigger bay area to find stronger swells.

And, when you are ready, come up over the reef where you can find endless glide and flow, flagging your wing, truly surf foiling the larger swell and breaking waves!

Kite Beach, Cabarete, also offers a strong community mixing locals and expats, sharing love for wingfoiling & wingsurfing sessions, sunsets, happy hour, DJs, nightlife – everyone here blessed with life full of potential, and a potential full of life!



Deep Water

Many Schools

Many Amenities

LESSONS (Cabarete Program)

  1. Equipment review – what sizes to buy and why.  Test everything first!
  2. Wing handling on the beach – includes wind theory, using apps, risks and safety.
  3. Wing-foiling, focusing on:
      • Body positioning.
      • Wing handling.
      • Power and depower.
      • Start, taxi, pump and glide.
      • Control speed, stop.
      • Ride upwind, downwind.
      • Jibe
      • Try and compare wings, boards and foils.


Pay as you go wingfoiling lessons in Cabarete are $100/hr USD, 2 hours minimum.

And we are teaching in Cabarete until END OF APRIL!

Francis Gonzales Master of the Ocean, 2023

Kite Beach is big and spacious, offering lots of room to launch and land kites.  Do to the popularity of the beach this location can get very busy.  Students and beginners enter the water near the point.  Anyone who ends up downwind should exit near Optimal (now called Competition) kite school.  Beyond Optimal/Competition the beach is lined with a very long, large rock bed which can be dangerous if not negotiated properly when exiting the water.

About The Diagram Below:

Beginners, note the entry point and exit 1.  After exit 1 the rock bed begins to line the beach.  For riders of all levels, if you fail to exit at 1 you will want to exit at 2 or 3 – both little areas where there are no rocks along the beach.  All riders are highly advised to walk the beach and assess the exit points before you start riding on Kite Beach.  If you have to self-rescue, exiting at 1 may not be possible, in which case you need to know ahead of time what the landmarks are for exits 2 and 3.  Hint: there is a little white house on the hill at exit 2 and there are two concrete slabs standing in the beach at exit 3.  But, don’t take my word for it, do your own boots on the ground!

Update 2023: Exit 3 is not really safe anymore.  There used to be much more sand at this spot, but this year it is looking very much only like rocks.  So, if you can’t get out at exit 2 go for exit 4!

Do your own research, walk the beach, have a hard look!

Exit 4 (not shown) is further along the beach, where the rocks come to an end.  This is a much safer exit as there is nothing but sand for quite a distance.  However, keep in mind shore-break waves tend to be big here.

Again, walk the beach, and know your exits!

About 150 meters from the beach is the reef which breaks the approaching waves.  This reef-break is what makes Kite Beach so popular.  There are no big waves between the reef and the beach.  The reef-break creates a beautiful zone, with big waves and spacious flats, for advanced kitesurfing, kite foiling, SUPsurfing and wing-foiling.  Enjoy!

2024 Foundation Update!

We Love Kiteboarding is now officially partnered with the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization), DROpen, Reef Kite Academy, InspireDR and Spleene Kiteboarding as part of our “Pay It Forward” program that helps provide access and opportunity to the world of kiteboarding for local Dominicans.

For locals, our foundation program offers:

  1. Professional IKO instructors and lessons
  2. Collective equipment
  3. Team participation and regional competitions
  4. Volunteering initiatives
  5. Professional career development though the IKO Instructor course

Learn more about our Mission Statement.

We are always looking for partner and sponsors – contact us to learn more and see how you can help!

We Love Kiteboarding has a strong philanthropic footprint on Kite Beach, Cabarete.  Every year we are fundraising for local Dominican kids, helping them to achieve their goals for school, kiteboarding and professional instructor certification.  The kids can often be found selling We Love Kiteboarding t-shirts, the proceeds of which go into a fund to help pay for their needs and wants – Chromebooks, mobile device purchase, support and repair, kite competitions, kite trips, kite repairs, and, of course, pizza!

We are always looking for donations, if you have an unused Chromebook, computer, mobile device, or old kite equipment, please let us know – bring it with you to Cabarete when you visit, give it a local kid and make a difference in their life.

In March, 2022, we entered all the kids in the DROpen kiteboarding competition, which is the most prestigious kiteboarding competition in the Dominican Republic, and our team WON!  Charly Renelus, 12, Luis LeFrance 17, and Sheleph Macce, 14, placed 1st, 2nd, 4th in the Junior Class.  Ezequiel Crisostomo, 17, Cristofer Lolo, 12 and Luis LeFrance, 17, placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the Semi-Pro Class.

The real win for our team on this day was being able to compete alongside their local hometown heroes, Luis Cruz, Lorenzo Calcaño, Joselito Del Rosario and many more, all sponsored, professional riders, competing in the Pro Class.  Read more about this incredible story of success and inspiration here!

We also raised more than $2500 in donations to send our team to the Salinas Kitefest competition in July, 2022, and the DROpen competition in Las Terrenas, in August, 2022!

Learn more about and join us in our fundraising efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

And, yesssssss, we love KITE PHOTOGRAPHY too!  Check out the gallery with tons of amazing photos capturing the legendary high-flying action you’re going to see, every windy day, on Kite Beach, Cabarete!  All photos are All-Rights-Reserved Keiron Smith & We Love Kiteboarding.  All photos shot with Sony DSLRs and lens.

All Cabarete property managers use to list accommodations.  Rates improve the longer you stay, and some of the best kept secrets will be revealed after you arrive and get to know the community.

In the map below you can see Kite Beach compared to Cabarete Bay.  If you want to stay on, or close to, Kite Beach then you have many options.

Kite Beach Cabarete Map

Beachfront accommodation is much more expensive than accommodation across the street (see map below).

On the beach, look for accommodation in Agualina, Kite Beach Hotel and Caba Reef. The best budget accommodation on the beach is Kite Beach Inn (not listed on the map).

Across the street, the most popular budget accommodation includes Kite House, Mango House and Big Blue.

There are tons of other accommodation around Cabarete.  The map is really for those who want to stay very close to Kite Beach.

We recommend the following local property owners.  If you book your accommodation with one of the following please let them know you found them through the We Love Kiteboarding community network (website) – as bookings often result in a small commission that will be donated to the We Love Kiteboarding Junior Team fundraising projects!

Contact info for accommodation across the street:

  • Kite House – Maike 12 apartments (WhatsApp +1 849 884-0317)
  • Mango House – Samuela 20 AirBnB apartments (WhatsApp +39 347 959 7161)
  • Mango House area – Posito Martinez (Facebook Messenger)
  • Mango House area – Kelvin Corniel – 1 AirBnB apartment (Facebook Messenger)

Contact info for accommodation on the beach:

  • Caba Reef – Andreas Lagopoulos (4 AirBnB apartments)

Puerto Plata (POP) is the nearest airport to Cabarete.  The flight from Toronto is approximately 4 hours.  The taxi from POP to Cabarete is about 30 minutes, the cost is $30-35 USD.

Ideal wind directions: E, NE

If you are interested in coming to Kite Beach, Cabarete, if you are looking for lessons, accommodations, professional networking – send us an email, or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

And, don’t forget, even with all this to offer, minutes away from Kite Beach, by moto, you can get catch the swell and get professional surfing lessons at the legendary Encuentro Beach!

Wing Foiling Kite Beach Cabarete Jonathan

We Love Teaching on Kite Beach, Cabarete

Choose a channel, let's chat, let's go!
We are now offering wakesurfing, wakefoiling and wingfoiling too!

Keiron, Charlotte, Julian at Kite Club, Cabarete